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Elite Health and Performance is a cutting edge multi-disciplinary clinic based in Brisbane, specialising in musculoskeletal treatment and rehabilitation. Our passion is to pursue the best techniques from around the globe to create a world class centre for our patients.

Our practitioners have trained across the world with leading experts in their field bringing knowledge and expertise to their patients. At Elite we strongly believe in treating the source and not the symptom. With our experience, knowledge and integrative clinic our practitioners work simultaneously with each other ensuring the best outcome for you.


Dry Needling

Musculo-skeletal dry needling is used to break up muscle, ligament and fascial tension and increase blood flow to increase the body’s natural healing process.

Active Release Technique

ART is a movement based muscle release techniques that involves shortening and lengthening the muscle under pressure to break up scar tissue and muscle tightness.

Joint Manipulation

Specific joint mobilisation increasing movement and restoring function to specific segments. Aiding in pain relief, normalising nerves, joints and muscle spasms.

Functional Movement Systems

Functional Movement Systems are utilised to help determine if individuals movement patterns are optimal.

Injury Rehabilitation

By identifying movement errors we can identify a high level of treatment for the injury coupled with exercises to prevent future aggravation.

fascial abrasion

Fascial Abrasion

A tool that is used to restore fascia allowing for correction in movement.


Elite Health and Performance is an allied health hub specialising in sports injury management, prevention and rehabilitation.

Our expert therapists and chiropractors will help you get pain free.

Elite Health & Performance

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