Performance Screen

A common question posed to the practitioners at Elite Health and Performance is “How do I prevent my injuries?” Or “I want to improve my PBs or advance to the next level in competition. How do I do that?”. At Elite we have the solution to this question with the Performance Screen.

Over many years our practitioners have worked amongst many professional level athletes among a wide range of sports from Tennis, Baseball, NFL, Rugby, Martial arts, Boxing, Crossfit, Bodybuilding and much more. It is through these sports that the practitioners have developed a deeper understanding of how the body should move and the best possible methods to achieve this, whether it be rehabilitative exercises or therapeutic intervention.

Using these given exercises and mobility work you will correct any poor compensatory movement patterns developed from previous injuries or postural stresses. By creating strong stable joints throughout the body our patients generally return boasting of increased running speed, significant strength gains when testing personal best exercises such as the squat or deadlift and of course no more pain when performing the activities they were so keen to excel in.

The performance screen is a systematic series of functional testing, orthopaedic testing, stability analysis and mobility testing focused around the patients goals whether it be sport, work or health focused. These will include all major joints of the body analysed individually then together through more complex movements.

Once completed you will receive a document discussing the findings and linking them together with exercises tailored to your goal to begin your training to a stronger more functional body.

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