Creagh Court


Creagh Court completed his Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Masters of Chiropractic at Macquarie University in Sydney. During his studies he worked under several of Sydneys leading sports clinicians and developed his passion for injury management and performance enhancement.
At graduation Creagh was awarded an honourary award for his contribution in the field of spinal research with his work in vertebral disc injury.

After graduating Creagh spent several years working in the corporate sector of injury management and early intervention. He quickly became Queensland and New South Wale’s head training manager where he trained practitioners in the latest sports injury management techniques and educated on the latest research. During this time he sought out the most cutting edge and up to date techniques which took him around Australia and the world.

On top of treating musculoskeletal aspects of injury Creagh takes a holistic approach also optimising nutrition and lifestyle advice so that patients may maximise their performance. He has helped many amateur to high level athletes as well as every day people achieve their goals through a multi modality approach to healthcare. These athletes come from many different backgrounds such as International level rugby league and union, International level crossfit, bodybuilding, triathletes and Iron man competitors.

Briana Zylstra


Briana Zylstra completed her Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Masters of Chiropractic at Macquarie University in Sydney. Briana attended Macquarie on an Athletic scholarship and during her spare time worked with rugby union teams at a suburban to semi-professional level as one of their medical team trainers.

On leaving university Briana secured an internship where she worked closely with Dr De-Stefano, the head chiropractor for the New York Giants NFL team. While interning with Dr Rob, Briana worked closely with NYC’s top orthopaedic specialists, physios and rehab specialists.
On returning to Australia Briana spent several years working in the corporate sector of injury management and early intervention. Here she quickly ascended to QLD and NSW state manager and had a strong focus toward team development and client relations.

During Briana’s career, she has always had a passion for sport and sport related injuries which led her to a prosperous career treating athletes at the most elite level. Most recently Briana returned from America after working with Madison Keys a top 10 WTA tennis player. In addition to the recent tour she has worked with numerous sports including pitchers from the Toronto Blue Jays, NFL, MBL, NHL, ATP tennis players, AFL, WWF wrestlers, Reds rugby union players and world class triathletes. This passion has seen Briana travel extensively throughout North America learning and treating with the best in preventative and functional therapies.

Briana’s approach to treatment is a multi-discipline attitude incorporating functional assessments and movement, musculoskeletal therapies, nutrition and rehab. To ensure her patients achieve optimal results and performance.

Jake Smith


Jake Smith completed his Bachelor of Health Science / Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic) at RMIT University in Melbourne. During his time at uni Jake discovered his passion for rehabilitative therapies from undertaking his own rehabilitation after hip surgery.

Since graduating University Jake has undertaken further education completing the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic’s ICSC program and the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association’s Level 1 coaching program to broaden his skills to not only work alongside athletes but to understand the depth of their training and give them tailored treatment plan specific to their goals.

Understanding himself the need for a multi-modal approach he incorporates a range of treatment options that include functional movement assessments, active release therapies, dry needling, fascial abrasion techniques and rehabilitation exercises to help his patients overcome injury and move pain free.

Jake began practice in rural South Australia and quickly established himself as the go to musculoskeletal therapist. He worked with all forms of athletes from ultra marathon runners, cross fitters, surf life saving events and therapist to multiple athletic and sporting teams. With his range of knowledge he decided to move to the big city of Brisbane and further grow his career among the Elite Health and Performance community.

Jake breathes all things sport and competition. Growing up he liked to watch and have a go at almost anything he could. Today he likes to regularly train at the gym whilst also competitively playing golf, cricket and having a ride around some of the local mountain bike trails.

Ashleigh Lucas


Ashleigh’s passion for sport and exercise started from a very young age, competing in state level athletics, cross country and socially playing nearly every sport that was available to her. She now continues her exercise through resistance training at the gym, pilates and hiking throughout the beautiful national parks around greater Brisbane.

Her Passion for movement is what drove her to study human biomechanics and how to treat the human body. Ash completed her Bachelor of Chiropractic at Macquarie University followed by her Masters of Clinical Chiropractic at Central Queensland University. While studying she also volunteered her time to treat Queensland professional weightlifters and athletes of the Australian University Games.

During her studies she experienced her first major injury. While running she suffered a severe ankle injury which was on the cusp of requiring surgery. This experience has shaped how she treats presenting complaints. From this she recognised and thoroughly understands the physical and emotional impact that comes with chronic pain and injury. She saw many practitioners that purely treated the site of pain but didn’t look holistically. It wasn’t until her entire lower limb and hip were addressed that she actually made progress. This taught her a lot in how important thorough assessment of the individual is to create an in depth plan for correct management and rehabilitation to get her patients to return to their sport or activity with confidence.

Since graduating Ash has furthered her studies with training in a range of soft tissue therapies and performs active release to the muscles, dry needling, PNF stretching, joint mobilisation/manipulation and exercise rehabilitation. She currently is growing her skill set in the fields of paediatrics, pilates and women’s health.

Braden Burgess


Braden Burgess completed his Bachelor of Science Chiropractic / Master of Clinical Chiropractic at Central Queensland University in Brisbane. He also has a Bachelor of Health Science in Myotherapy and Certificate III & IV in Fitness where he ran his own personal training business for 4 years before commencing his studies in chiropractic.

During his time at university Braden developed his passion for sports related injuries and improving performance. Braden undertook further courses in Level 1 Sports Trainer, Dry Needling, Rocktaping and is currently completing his FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine and International Federation of Sports Chiropractic ICSC to broaden his skills and knowledge.

Braden enjoys treating all things sports and ensuring his patients perform at the highest level. His approach to treatment is a multi-disciplinary style integrating functional and movement assessments, soft tissue techniques and corrective rehabilitation exercises. He

Braden lives and breathes sport with his passion being Football (Soccer), which he played at state level and in the QLD NPL. He also enjoys coaching and has been involved with local clubs and BGS the past 10 years. Braden likes to play recreational sports, train at the gym and enjoys getting out and exploring new mountains and waterfalls.

remedial massage

Mitch Bobbermien

Massage Therapist

Mitch Bobbermien completed his Diploma of Remedial Massage at Endeavour College of
Natural Health in Brisbane. While completing his studies Mitch practiced under some of
Brisbane’s top musculoskeletal therapists where he developed a passion for holistic injury

After graduating Mitch worked locally where he developed his skills under the guide of a
Musculoskeletal Therapist specialising in chronic pain and postural conditions. Mitch
furthered his knowledge when he studied under the guidance of James Olds, Head of the
Australian Natural Therapy Association (ANTA), where he underwent additional training in
functional injury assessment, MFR (myofascial release), myofascial cupping, and dry

Mitch is passionate in achieving optimal results for all clients and incorporates active and
passive forms of treatment into his sessions. Mitch individually tailors his approach to assist
in identifying and correcting muscle function and stability. Mitch’s goal is to create a targeted
plan for you to achieve your goals, whether that is doing an extra squat, lifting a personal
best at the gym, or getting through your day without headaches and pain.

Jamie-Lee Dancer

Massage Therapist

Jamie-Lee Dancer completed her Diploma of Remedial Massage at Kingscliff Tafe in New South Wales. While completing her studies Jamie-Lee practiced under some of the North Coasts leading musculoskeletal therapists, where she developed a passion for a modern holistic approach, for acute and chronic injury management and prevention.

During this time Jamie-Lee worked at the Kingscliff Tafe, Healthy Living Centre, where she was able to develop her skills postural and functional assessments while working with acute, chronic and neural conditions. Jamie-Lee has also worked at sporting events such as the Kingscliff Triathlon with all levels of sports athletes, where she was able to further her post-event management skills and passion for working with athletes. Jamie-Lee has an avid passion for sports, playing and umpiring hockey, playing recreational touch rugby league football and regularly attending gym, she understands the importance of optimal performance.

Jamie-Lee’s approach to treatment incorporates functional assessments and musculoskeletal therapies such as MFR (Myofascial Release), ART (Active Release Technique), sports taping, injury prevention and management plans, trigger point therapy and chronic pain relief. Jamie-Lee individually tailors treatment plans to ensure her clients achieve optimal results and performance to reach their personal goals. Whether that may be doing an extra set at the gym, reaching your personal best or completing everyday tasks without pain.

Sharna Walsh

Massage Therapist

Sharna is a qualified remedial massage therapist who has a passion for treating injuries using a hands on approach to address any muscle imbalances and restrictions as well as digging deeper and analysing the movement compensations which may have led to the injury developing.

Sharna’s passion for health and injury management began when she had her first injury during her crossfit and weightlifting training. She found that massage therapy was the modality that was able to significantly speed up her recovery and return to the sport that she loved. This inspired her to take the step forward to complete her diploma.

Over her work history she has learnt from a range of different practitioners and found further passion in exercise therapy and is now studying exercise science. By combining her knowledge in both fields she can help her patients with soft tissue restrictions and pain as well as give them the advice to prevent aggravation and strengthen the surrounding tissues to have her patients functioning at the their peak.

Sharna uses a range of different soft tissue modalities including deep tissue release, trigger point therapy, active release techniques as well dry needling and exercise rehabilitation.

Kristie Chadwick


Kristie first came through Elite seeking treatment for her shoulder bursitis, while Kristie had been treated in the past for this injury she was engaged and drawn in by the dynamic team here at Elite. With fast results she hadn’t experienced elsewhere she was instantly sold on the teams amazing work. Feeling a part of the team before ever joining it, it was an easy and electric transition from patient to receptionist.

She believes in personable and positive interactions, creating memorable experiences here in our clinic and if you’re lucky you may even spot her Golden Retriever Franklin here from time to time. Kristie is also a specialized service makeup artist, spending the time she has away from Elite HP doing event makeup, fashion makeup and more.

So while you’re waiting for your next appointment at Elite be sure to say hi to Kristie as she will be more than happy to help you with any appointment needs or just have a friendly chat.

Jess Locksley


Jess first came to the Elite team suffering from a sporting injury of her own and was instantly drawn in by the team’s passion and commitment to the individualized treatment provided. Once this injury was resolved she was committed and needed more time to learn all she could as it coincided with her studies and passion.

Jess completed her Diploma in Nursing at TAFE Brisbane and is studying her Certificate III and IV in Fitness at Australian Institute of Fitness. Using her experience of injury she is excited for what the future holds in helping future clients hit their goals safely.

She has a strong interest within the fitness industry and is passionate all things with human movement and helping others. If you have any fitness questions while waiting for your appointment be sure to pick her brain.