How relaxation massage can help support healthy living and wellbeing

If you are holistically balanced in the regards of nutrition, correct posture and positioning, gut health and emotional sound you are definitely on the road to an awesome life. However in todays society not many of us fall into this category.

When the body is under stress it produces a larger amount of Cortisol, the well known stress hormone. Cortisol can lead to Headaches, digestive issues and can contribute to sleep problems which are the major part of your body’s recovery program.

Relaxation and Gut Health are two major factors to living a longer happier life. Your gut health is so important as it is essentially your second brain and second in command for providing a strong and healthy immune balance.

How Do We beat This Stress?

A relaxation massage is a hands-on technique that can drastically reduce stress, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, and is excellent at calming the whole body’s neural system which promotes relaxation throughout the entire body.

It’s a style that uses firm yet gentle pressure that has lymphatic benefits and is great at easing stress, relieving muscle tension, and is excellent at decreasing pain symptoms and increasing blood circulation.

Relaxing and reducing the stress of work and life’s general hardship and emotional strain which are coursed by a hormonal response as a natural protection strategy. As we often can’t remove ourselves from stressful situations our body tends to hold tension within the muscles themselves.

Regular massage therapy was found to lower blood pressure which in turn is linked to a decreased risk of heart attacks, strokes and helps give support for stress, anxiety and depression.

With decreased stress levels the bodies immune system is strengthened which provides many benefits. Higher levels of stress, poor nutrition and sleep disruptions causes the body to become run down and fatigued allowing infections, pathogens and bacteria to more easily breach the human body.

Posture can be greatly improved by eliminating the bodies stress and dysfunctions and as a result, a decrease in pain and tension felt in the muscular and skeletal system are achieved.

The Primary cause of neck and back pain is the result of incorrect or poor posture from sitting and/or standing for long periods of time, incorrect stances or positioning at training.

There is so much relief and wellbeing that can be achieved through acquiring a relaxation treatment.