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Elite Health and Performance practitioners have a deep understanding of the importance of health in the workplace. We have an extensive background in injury management through a range of workplaces from the office to factory environments. Our approach to providing extensive care to the workplace is multi faceted from pre employment screens through to early intervention, workers compensation claim management and ergonomic assessments.

Pre Employment Screen

Our Pre employment screens are an efficient way to streamline the pre employment process as they are onsite and can be scheduled along your recruiting process. They offer immediate feedback with your Elite provider and will significantly decrease your risk for musculoskeletal injuries within the workplace. The pre employment screen can be tailored to your site specific needs and has a range of options we can recommend depending on your businesses requirements.

  • Objective strength testing
  • Orthopaedic joint examinations
  • Range of motion testing
  • Muscle testing
  • Previous injury analysis
  • Task specific job analysis
  • Functional movement screen
  • Drug and Alcohol testing

The employment screen has multiple benefits for both the worker and workplace. The employee will from day one understand that the business takes a proactive role in healthcare and is also given an understanding of the requirements of the role before accepting. Benefits for the employer include having a happier healthier workforce with research proven reduction in injury rates. The pre employment screen aligns with that of the WHS act and will also allow for an increase in production as staff will be able to perform their job productively.

Early Intervention Injury Management

At Elite Health and Performance we believe it is essential to take a proactive approach to injury management rather than reactive. Our early intervention program greatly decreases the costs and stress around workplace injuries. We will have an onsite provider available to treat acute and chronic injuries. Treatments are 20 minutes in duration. This cuts all the lost production time surrounding sending an employee to the doctor, specialist and physiotherapist and encourages early reporting procedures. It also creates a better workplace culture where employees genuinely feel valued. Following treatment our staff then discuss with the nominated staff contact how best to address certain injuries, what possible tasks may need reviewing for risk assessment and any restrictions required. At Elite we pride ourselves in keeping staff working and light duties are only given if we feel it is an absolute necessity.

Ergonomic Assessments

At Elite we understand that no matter what the task performed by the employee if they can do it in a more comfortable manner they will be happier, more productive and at a decreased risk of injury. Small changes in a work space set up can have huge impacts on an employee’s long term health.

Our ergonomic assessments are performed on site alongside the employee giving first hand advice and education to how the workstation may be optimally set up to maximise their comfort, correct their posture and ensure safe body mechanics.

Following the assessment a comprehensive report is created for each workstation observed and the recommendations. We understand that equipment can be costly and do our best to minimise unnecessary outgoing expenses in this area.

Stretching Program

Elite Health and Performance understands the need for an active healthy workforce and part of that is to develop task or site specific stretching programs. Our practitioners will come onsite to assess tasks involving repeated movements or prolonged postures and tailor a custom made stretching program for your workforce. This not only reduces the risk of sprain/strain injuries but also keeps a more engaged workforce with improved concentration and motivation to work.